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Sarah Bolt visits classes virtually

In September, junior and senior BFA Musical Theatre students got the opportunity to speak to Emmy-Nominated Broadway actress Sarah Bolt about careers in the musical theatre industry. 

Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre Jeremiah Downes told us that she talked to them about “What it’s like to make theatre in COVID and post-COVID times, what the future looks like for the commercial Broadway, film and TV industries and how to remain true to one’s self as an artist and human. It was an excellent afternoon!”

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College of Creative Arts launches Creative Consultants program

A new program in the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts will bring students together with successful alumni and friends of the university for one-on-one mentorship and career guidance.

Creative Consultants is a professional mentorship initiative that, through a competitive application process, matches outstanding College of Creative Arts students with extraordinary professionals in the fields of art and design, music, theatre, dance, and arts education, administration and industry. 

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Black Lives Matter at the School of Theatre & Dance

The School of Theatre & Dance at West Virginia University has grappled with the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement as individuals, and as a virtual community during this time of isolation. This national movement has greatly impacted our discussions, the momentum of our contributions to the industry, and the framework of our offerings at WVU. Before the pandemic took full effect in March, the School had been in active engagement regarding the formation of a Diversity & Inclusion Committee. We are glad to share that we have now formally enacted this committee to begin service in the upcoming semester. There will be more clarification for how this committee will support our program as we all convene, exploring the possibilities and needs for the School of Theatre & Dance. Please keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to contribute to this organization of change. 

Let us be clear in our perspective:  

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