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Alumna Spotlight: Cathy Hilling

Cathy HillingCathy Hilling

Graduation Year: 1986

Degree Received: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking

Why did you chose to attend WVU?

I'm originally from Morgantown. It was convenient and affordable.

What is your profession now?

I'm a contract negotiator for an IT company: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Suncrest Seal Cove
What is your most interesting current/upcoming project?

Recently I painted a mural for a Morgantown middle school: "Suncrest." The school hired me to create a "seal cove." The mascot is the "seal." Teachers give out "seal dollars" for good behavior and the principal wanted to create a school store to sell school supplies to the students in exchange for their "seal dollars". I painted a large closet in the principal's office to look like the "Suncrest Cove at Sunrise."

How do you feel WVU and the College of Creative Arts prepared you for your career?

Suncrest Seal Cove
I've been working in corporate America for twenty years in order to pay off my student loans and become debt free. When I retire (a few years from now) I will launch an art and design consultant company that will include mural painting and design (among other things). The college of Creative Arts had WONDERFUL professors like Dr. Margaret Rajam, Ben Friedman, Carmen Colangelo to name a few. I learn a lot about art history, discipline in practicing, drawing and painting skills and applying my work ethic. I loved the atmosphere of the school at that time. I learned as much from other students as I did the faculty.