WVU Symphonic Band will give worldly performance Feb. 28

“The selections chosen for this program reference various locations around the world, either directly or indirectly,” said Scott Tobias, director of bands at WVU. “Audience members will enjoy the sounds of Irish folk music, dance music from Southeastern Europe, and a composition inspired by the gathering of an army in the Middle East during Biblical times.”

“Kirkpatrick Fanfare” by Andrew Boysen, Jr. starts the program. The piece has an overarching Irish flare, including a strain of “Danny Boy” and exciting brass sections. 

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Giving back to the place where it all began

For the Youngdahls, West Virginia University is a multi-generation family affair that all started at the College of Creative Arts. Their WVU experience – and the life that followed – is the reason they give back through the Richard Powell Trombone Scholarship.

Jon Youngdahl came to WVU on a Board of Governors scholarship in 1968 to study music education, although he always knew he wanted to play trombone for a living. Jon immersed himself in music during his time at WVU, joining the trombone ensemble, a local soul band called the Abductors and eventually starting his own band. The group was so popular around town that they ended up with gigs almost every Friday and Saturday night during the school year.

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