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Mikylah Myers promoted to new Associate Dean position

Mikylah Myers

Mikylah Myers has been named Associate Dean of Artistic and Scholarly Achievement at the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts.

Myers has filled the role of Assistant Dean of Student Artistic Achievement for the last three years and has been a WVU faculty member since 2007.

“In this new role, I will continue building, expanding and improving our new and reinvigorated artistic and scholarly initiatives, and strategically create new ones for our students and our faculty,” Myers said. “Because this new role requires a full focus on administrative projects, I am stepping away from teaching violin. It’s been 15 incredible years of teaching brilliant violin students at WVU, and I’m so proud of the careers those students have created on concert stages, in colleges, and in K-12 classrooms around the world!”

During her tenure as assistant dean, Myers has created many successful programs for the college while individually mentoring hundreds of students.

Myers created the Creative Consultants Professional Mentorship Program for College of Creative Arts students, which matches more than 50 outstanding alumni and friends of WVU’s College of Creative Arts in one-on-one mentorship connections with undergraduate and graduate students. 

In the fall of 2020, Myers produced the “Pandemic-Proof Artist Series.” 

“Bringing high-profile creative minds to WVU for virtual workshops and presentations helped to buoy us through those especially dark days of the pandemic,” Myers said.

Myers reinvigorated the College’s Faculty/Student Mentored Research Awards, and cultivated strategic partnerships across the WVU campus for student achievement, including with the Office of Undergraduate Research; Career Services; Honors EXCEL and the ASPIRE Office.  

“Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not,” Myers said. “I am dedicated to creating access to opportunity for our talented students and our world-class faculty at WVU. This position allows me to give all my energy and creative vision to support our students and faculty in their artistic and scholarly goals.”