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Student Spotlight: Sarah Giles

Sarah GilesName: Sarah Giles

Class Rank: Graduate (Spring 2022 graduation)

Major and Minor: Music Industry

Hometown:   Akron, Ohio

Why did you choose to attend WVU? 
I transferred to WVU during my undergraduate music industry studies in Spring of 2018! It was my junior year at another (small) college in Ohio. I was hungry for more challenge and something different! I stumbled upon WVU's Music Industry program and their development of Mon Hills Records! After a inspiring phone call with Professor Velichkovski, it was a no-brainer that WVU was my next place to grow and call home. Two degrees later, I'm so happy I did that.

What do you like about your major and your WVU experience? 
I've have the opportunity to put my studies directly into practice. With the student record label and studio access, I've honed my project management and leadership skills as well as my recording production abilities. Rather than reading it in a textbook, I could put my course work to the test every day.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering attending WVU's College of Creative Arts? 
Your experience as a creative college student is what you make it! If you want to be a multifaceted creator with your own entrepreneurial success, WVU is the place to grow your ambitions and skills. Use this as your playground to expand your passions and push the boundaries of your potential! My time as a CCA student paved my way to endless possibilities.

Sarah Giles headshot
Have you recently received any awards or scholarships? Have you recently participated in any competitions, productions, performances or exhibitions?

I recently won funding in the WVU Launch Lab's April Arts Festival Pitch Competition! After creating a unique album release event model for my graduate capstone, I decided to turn my idea into a business endeavor to help other musicians! I've never "pitched" before, but with the help of the Launch Lab, I was able to formulate my plans clearly. Since winning $1500 toward my company, this has turned into a post-graduation project and longer-term plan for myself!

Do you participate in any clubs or organizations?
Mon Hills Records: General Manager, Producer, & Artist Manager