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Faculty Spotlight: Matt Greenberg

Matt GreenbergName:
Matt Greenberg

Visiting Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre
School of Theatre & Dance

What classes do you teach?

I teach MUSC 120: The History of Musical Theatre, THET 355: Junior Musical Theatre Studio, THET 455: Senior Musical Theatre Studio, and I am co-directing 35mm: A Musical Exhibition with two undergraduate BFA Musical Theatre Students (opening September 30th!)

What advice do you have for students wanting to take your classes, or in general, classes at the College of Creative Arts?

Almost everything that I teach and create is with an ensemble. In my classes I believe that multiple perspectives are valued in creating the world of play. No two people are a like, hence, there isn't one right answer to something. I train artists and not simply performers. A performer is limited to performing, however, an artist CAN perform, but they can also think creatively, devise their own work, work in multi-disciplinary ways, and have a deep value of the process as well as the product. I LOVE working here at the College of Creative Arts! The students, faculty, and staff are engaged thinkers and brilliant talents. I would hope all Mountaineers can come to the Canady Creative Arts Center and take a class. Theatre and Music are universal to any discipline. (and what other kind of class praises you for silliness and weird noises?!). We'll learn a lot about musical theatre, and have a fun time while doing so: Let's Go!

What are your research interests, and are there any projects you are currently working on?

My research interests are two fold: How can musical theatre de-stigmatize addiction and trauma? AND how the use of Fitzmaurice Voicework, Organic Intelligence and Play can be used to create more equitable spaces in our studios and stages, while maintaining an elite skillset. I currently serve as a Vice-Chair of Voice and Speech for the Southeastern Theatre Convention (SETC) and serve as an Associate Conference Planner for The Voice and Speech Trainer's Association (VASTA) within The Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE). In 2020, my colleagues and I worked on a year long community outreach project on de-stigmatizing addiction in Columbus, Ohio and turned it into a film. Currently, I'm working with three other collaborators from around the world, forming a research salon entitled "Song, Soma and Presence." Our virtual studio hopes to engage every one who has a body to bring your voice back to it. We are having an open session on September 19th at 1PM through zoom. It's free! Let me know if you're interested.