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Mon Hills Records signs singer-songwriter Emily Lehr

Emily LehrMon Hills Records, West Virginia University's student-run record label, has signed Americana singer-songwriter and WVU student, Emily Lehr. 

With her personal and heartfelt lyrics, Lehr brings authentic and relatable experiences to her music. Lehr caught the attention of Mon Hills Records after writing the latest release of the Bluegrass Ensemble, Rhopalocera. 

Lehr joined the Bluegrass Ensemble her freshman year of college and says it has led her to many opportunities for her music career. After getting accepted into the Honors EXCEL Program and discussing her options with her mentor, Dr. Travis Stimeling, Lehr decided to record an album for her project. When Lehr asked her professor, Joshua Swiger, if she could use the studio to record her project for the Honors EXCEL Program, Swiger suggested that she record it under the Mon Hills Records label. 

From Martinsburg, Lehr’s musical journey began when she started writing music at 9 years old. Writing music was therapeutic to Lehr, serving as an outlet for expressing her thoughts and feelings. "After I write a song about something that was hard for me, I’ve moved on," Lehr said. "It’s still real to me — the emotion is still real — but I’m not in pieces about it anymore." It was only natural for Lehr to pursue a degree in music therapy at WVU.

Lehr hopes that her music will help people feel less alone. “Knowing how much I have benefited from other people’s transparency and vulnerability in their music encourages me to do the same in my music,” Lehr stated. “If I could be that for somebody, that would be success for me.”

Stay updated on Emily Lehr’s progress with her upcoming album by following her on Instagram @emilylehrmusic.