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Celebrating the class of 2020

To the class of 2020, you really know how to make a memorable exit!

Though we cannot share the celebration of your tremendous achievement in person, I want you to know that we are proud of you. We are proud of how you have developed, grown and inspired us. During your somewhat short time on campus, you have witnessed a seismic change in our culture and our world. Now that you have a head-start on life after WVU, I hope you take a moment to reflect on how you are now ready to be a needed catalyst for change in our society. A catalyst that will make meaningful contributions to your new communities.

Being a catalyst for change is actually a very heavy assignment. But, let’s be blunt, these are heavy times. During your lifetimes the historic events of September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, and now a true pandemic have occurred. These events will shape history and the class of 2020. As those with a grounding in the arts who are still developing your path, you are the ones chosen (by history) to reflect the culture of these times. Whatever your primary area of focus may be, you are someone who is embedded in the arts. And for those embedded in the arts, one of our greatest charges is to capture the shifts in society. Yes, great social upheavals are accompanied by great artistic movements. In the previous century alone, the periods around the world wars, the civil rights movement, and the AIDS crisis were catalysts that led to incredible artistic contributions. Like the current pandemic, those were awful times for society. Awful times are the moments when we as artists must be at our best, our most sincere. 

So yes, I wish we could meet in person, to share hugs and selfies. That will happen, but that moment is not now. Now is the time for you to bask in the glory of achievement. Now is the time to know that we are proud of you. Now is the time to know we will miss you (which is why you will need to visit, when we can reopen). And now is the time to share the most important piece of advice you will ever get from me. You are artists in the twenty-first century. You will attend many events. At these events there will be free food. EAT IT!!!!!!!!!! Cause you know they did not pay you enough so stuff your face at every opportunity!!

Congratulations, you are ready to make the world a better place, one community at a time!

Dean H. Keith Jackson, 

Philip J. Faini/Falbo Family Dean

2020 Graduating Seniors

May 2020 Tentative Graduation List 

*Cum Laude

**Magna Cum Laude

***Summa Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies      

Patrick Hunter Croke

Nicholas Carl Hall

Samuel Harrison Neil

Akasha Jordan Poindexter

Morgan Leanne Rhodes

*Phillip Seth Sheets


School of Art and Design    

Bachelor of Arts in Art History

***Madelyn Elizabeth Brodie (also Painting)

***Iain Charles MacKay 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design

***Madelyn Elizabeth Brodie (Painting)

Josalin Mae Hepler (Graphic Design)

*Alexis Victoria DeLong (Graphic Design)

Emily Grace Dodson (Intermedia/Photography)

*Lindsey Marie Fincham (Intermedia/Photography)

**Emma Rose Hagerty (Painting)

Josalin Mae Hepler (Graphic Design)

Erika Huezo (Intermedia/Photography)

**Zane Austin Huggins (Graphic Design)

***Ineke Lynne Knudsen (Painting)

*Kelly Le (Graphic Design)

D’Anna Macey Lewis (Graphic Design)

**Mariah Katherine Majakey (Painting)

*Autumn Hunter Morgan (Graphic Design)

Valerie Ann Moss (Graphic Design)

*Anna Jo Nardo (Printmaking)

***Lea Margaret Pendley (Painting)

**Brittany Nicole Pennell (Intermedia/Photography)

*Hannah Jo Pritchard (Ceramics)

***Derek Reynoso (Ceramics)

***Raegan Nicole Ricer (Graphic Design)

Alyssa Leigh Riegel (Intermedia/Photography)

Christian Rowan (Intermedia/Photography)

*Danielle Nicole Rudash (Painting)    

Rebecca Lynn Rutledge (Graphic Design)

Austin Michael Snider (Graphic Design)

***Brittany Nicole Weekley (Sculpture)

*Selina Annette Weimann (Graphic Design)

*Madilyn Lacel Wrisk (Graphic Design)

*Erin Sue Zirkle (Ceramics)

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education

*Holly Elaine Rhodes

***Kadra Sue Tedrick    

Master of Fine Arts in Art and Design

Erin Mae McCarty (Ceramics)

Olivia Lauren Oddo (Painting)

Tyler Jordan Stonestreet (Ceramics)

Master of Arts in Art Education

Alexandra Leanne Miller

Certificate in Visual Arts Therapy

Olivia Lauren Oddo


School of Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

***Hailey Elizabeth Seamon

***Kayla Renee Tokar

Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry

John Colin Blankley

*Sarah Giles

Shepherd Gabriel Snyder

***Sarah Amelia Victory

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

**Benjamin Michael Busch

***Laura Marie Grube (also Performance)

*Allison Rachel L’Ecuyer 

***Genesis Georgian Mihalko

***Tanner Justin Matthew Petri

**Harter Benjamin Rupert

***Abigail Rose Williams

Bachelor of Music in Music Composition

Devon Cliett

Euna Joh (also Performance)

**Andre Filipe Magalhaes

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

*Molly Blackwood

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies

Raymond Scott Mason         

Bachelor of Music in Performance

**Grant Mitchell Adams

***Shannon Elizabeth Bean

*Arianna Risa Bendit

***Brittany Morgan Blair (Piano Ped & Harp)

***Paul Christopher Converse III

***Catherine Suzanne Dowd

***Amanda Aihong Frampton

***Laura Marie Grube (also Education)

Euna Joh (also Composition)

***Ethan Randall Powers

**Nicholas William Schlie

**Tyler Christoph Schmidt

***Pimsiree Siridulyawath

***Kyle Harrison Steindler

Master of Music in Jazz Pedagogy

Lars William Christopher Swanson

Master of Arts in Musicology

Donnie Ryan Jobe

Master of Arts in Music Industry

Christopher Ryan Hart

Tyler Michael Morgan           

Samir Nomani

Master of Music in Performance

Caleb Andrew Ferguson

Michelle Li

Valanti Marou

Ryan Wesley Phipps

Ian Francis Scott Theiss

Lauren Alexis Zwonik

Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance

Ting Ting Chang

Mitchell Joseph Greco


School of Theatre and Dance

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

**        Rowan A. Jalso

*          Hannah Renee Thompson

**        Alexandra Donn Raven Wooten


Bachelor of Arts in Dance 

***      Madalyn Rose Aloi

***      Sarah Margaret Bosse

***      Madelyn Dempsey Dundon

Hailey Skye Hill

***Megan Elizabeth Scarano

*Victoria Elizabeth Teufel

*Hunter Trowbridge

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

Dustin Shane Bass

**Nicholas William-Robert Graves

Chasdan Mike

***Megan Kathleen Wright

***Sabrina Lynn Zillinger

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

**Rachel Jae Ryan

Master of Fine Arts in Costume Design & Technology

Chloe Elizabeth Cappuccilli

Please note this list is tentative.