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WVU arts community supports WVU Medicine

Volunteers make N95 masks

With facilities closed and performances halted, the arts community at West Virginia University has turned its attention to helping supply WVU Medicine with the products it needs while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

A volunteer sews N95 masks

Working with specifications from WVU Medicine, the costume shop in WVU’s School of Theatre & Dance has started production on N95 masks. Five volunteers from the school are spread out and working in the Falbo Theatre at WVU’s Loulie, Valerie and William Canady Creative Arts Center.

Box of supplies donated by the Art Museum of WVU

The Art Museum of WVU has also donated supplies to WVU Medicine typically kept on hand in case of disaster or emergency. Nitrile gloves, masks and personal protective equipment were among the items brought out of storage.

Supplies donated to WVU Medicine from the Art Museum of WVU

“We must all work together to help our healthcare workers face such a monumental challenge,” said Dean Keith Jackson. “We are proud to show our students and community that the arts can continue to help support other industries during these challenging times.”