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James “Doc” Miltenberger to release new music August 13

James 'Doc' Miltenberger

James “Doc” Miltenberger, beloved professor emeritus in the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts, will release, “The Intersection of Jazz and Classical Music” Tuesday August 13, at 7 p.m., at Krepps Park.

The new album features compositions and arrangements that encompass jazz standards and popular music selections with a unique sound.

The album is being released by Mon Hills Records, WVU’s student-run record label that gives students professional experience in music industry. The record was recorded, mixed and master by WVU students.

The album in its entirety is performed by WVU School of Music alumni. Miltenberger gathered a selection of WVU alumni that he has worked with throughout his career, providing a showcase of talent produced by WVU in the last 50 years.

“This was a must record to make,” said Joshua Swiger, visiting teaching assistant professor of music industry. “Dr. Miltenberger is an institution at the College of Creative Arts. Under his guidance, many students have been able to have careers in music.” 

The concert in Krepps park will feature the players from the recording and CDs of the recording will be available. For more information, visit