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Student Spotlight: Rowan Jalso

Name: Rowan Jalso

Rowan Jalso

Class Rank: Junior

Major and Minor: BA Theatre and Honors College

Why did you choose to attend WVU?

Because I am a local. I've always wanted to go to WVU, I've grown up basically on top on the downtown campus, and eagerly awaited the time that I could be a part of "that".

What do you like about your major and your WVU experience?

I love my major because it is the most well rounded of the theatre majors. I can do a little bit of everything, cultivate an extensive set of skills, and learn which area of theatre my passion lies in. The WVU experience is spectacular. With the parks, entertainment venues, restaurants, sports arenas, etc., there is no shortage of these to do to enrich your life. I'm in multiple clubs, like the Swing dance club, and even Student Government, where I am the Collegiate Representative for the CCA. At WVU you can literally do anything and everything.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering attending WVU’s College of Creative Arts?

Be ready to expand your horizons. There are so many things to do and learn, that you may discover a passion you never realized you had.