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Student Spotlight: Kaci McCleery

Name: Kaci McCleery

Kaci McCleery

Class Rank: Senior

Major and Minor: Dance and Chinese Studies Major

Why did you choose to attend WVU?

West Virginia University has so much diversity in regards to the student population and programs offered. Those traits along with in-state tuition was impossible to say no to. I knew that coming here meant I would have the option to pursue so many things. Freedom in choosing from a variety of programs and classes is perfect for someone who felt like I did; someone who may come in unclear of what exactly is right for them. I entered into college initially as a Journalism Major and fully intended on keeping dance as just a hobby. However, I took one dance class here and knew that it was a part of me I couldn't deny. I saw immense opportunity with the  Dance program and assurance for continual growth within it. 

What do you like about your major and your WVU experience?

My experience here has been enhanced by opportunity. That's the amazing thing; how much opportunity there truly is here. Countless times I have had the chance to seize moments and take advantage of the resources provided by the program. The Dance program has taken me so many places, from going abroad, across country and even to New York City! I have built relationships with my professors Yoav Kaddar, General Hambrick, and Maureen Kaddar that will last a lifetime. Working so closely with someone continually pushing you to grow will help you in so many ways and it's something to be thankful for because there are a lot of places you can't get that experience from. I would have never been able to balance a physically demanding field of study with a linguistic field of study either if it weren't for my Chinese professor Hannah Lin. I even managed to study abroad in China during my time here with the Chinese Studies program. Essentially, my WVU experience has been made by my teachers. In both my majors my professors have gone above and beyond for me. They see YOU as a person, and they truly care. Something I cannot express enough is how grateful I am to be in the College of Creative Arts and The Eberly College of Arts and Science.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering attending WVU’s College of Creative Arts?

Put yourself out there! It's not always easy to do, but it's ALWAYS worth it. So take that class that scares you, AUDITION, approach that group of people, take initiative and ask for help! Opportunity is everywhere you look here, especially in the College of Creative Arts. These are your people! Never be afraid to reach out because there will always be someone willing to give you their time.