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Student Spotlight: Hannah Vincent

Name: Hannah Vincent

Class Rank: Senior

Major and Minor: Sculpture with a Minor in Business Administration

Why did you choose to attend WVU?

When it came time to select what school I wanted to go to, WVU was not on the top of my list. I attended a very small high school where I was one of thirty people in my graduating class. I was intimidated by the size of both the campus and student body. It was simply not the environment I was comfortable in. When I came to visit the campus, specifically the Creative Arts Center, I fell in love. Every student and member of the faculty was so helpful and welcoming. Both students and faculty are so supportive of each other and their work. The studio spaces offered everything I could have ever imagined and more. I knew that this was the place I would call, "My home away from home."

What do you like about your major and your WVU experience?

My experience at WVU has been life changing. I can honestly say that I have rediscovered myself and my purpose in life. Every studio professor I've had has pushed me to become a better artist and creative problem solver. It can often be difficult for people to understand why someone would want to study art, even for myself at times. I've questioned my talents and my decisions as whole. My professors have shown so much support to a level that I have never felt before. Not only have they taught me technical skills that are necessary for my field, but they have also put me on a path that I don't think I would have ever found on my own.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering attending WVU’s College of Creative Arts?

Come and visit campus. See what everyone has to offer. Don't be afraid to ask questions or for advice. That goes for students and professor, because both have helpful insight. Meet new people, because you will definitely find life long friends in your studio classes, and everyone is very friendly. Most importantly, never let your comfort zone keep you from doing anything. You might find something new and fall in love with it. All of my greatest decisions through my college career have come from stepping out of my comfort zone, and I would not be a WVU student, or the artist that I am, without it.