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Staff Spotlight: Heather Harris

Heather HarrisName: Heather Harris

Title: Educational Programs Manager, Art Museum of WVU

What are your duties in your position at the College of Creative Arts?

I am in charge of all educational programs at the Art Museum. This means everything from providing hands-on opportunities for preschoolers in the community to working with graduate students here at WVU to connect works of art to their research. I work with over a thousand school children a year and even more WVU students.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I love the variety inherent in my job. I get to interact with a diverse array of students and professors across the university, and it is always an exciting challenge to connect the works of art on display with their curricula. Some highlights include, working with pre-service teachers in the College of Education and Human Services to show them how they might integrate visual art into their teaching; analyzing the political implications of art with political science students; helping medical students hone their observation skills by looking closely at works of art; and facilitating advanced choreography students improvising dance right there in the gallery!