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Alumnus Spotlight: Vincent Pelligrino

Vincent PelligrinoName: Vincent Pelligrino

Graduation Year: 2015

Degree Received: MFA Acting

Why did you chose to attend WVU?

I met the Theatre faculty at the Southeastern Theatre Conference Graduate Auditions in 2012. It was one of several callbacks I had during the conference, but the ease I felt in the room with the faculty was ultimately what put the school at the top of my list. While most schools looked down on the importance of my resume and where I received my Bachelor's degree, the faculty from WVU assured me that I was accepted for where I was at the time, and that coming to learn with them was an opportunity for me to grow. Soon after, without every having visited Morgantown, I decided to take their offer and become part of the 2015 cohort. I definitely made the right decision.

What is your profession now?

I am an Adjunct Professor for Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA; but I teach remotely from my apartment in New York City, or wherever I am under contract as a performer. I regularly audition for musical theatre, plays, and television in New York. I spend my free time taking classes and workshops in order to network with casting directors and agencies, as I hope to continue my career as a working artist and teacher.

What is your most interesting current/upcoming project?

This year, I have a few performance contracts lined up which will take me to Florida and Virginia; but most of all I am excited for my work as the book writer and director of the new Italian-American musical "Ciao Bambino", collaborating with Liz Turner (book, music and lyrics), and Andreas Haberlin (orchestrator/arranger) - both from Berklee College of Music Masters of Music program. Last year the show premiered at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre in NYC, and this year we are focusing on bringing the score to life with a live band at the National Opera Center for a staged reading/concert. Our future goal is to have "Ciao Bambino" available for licensing, and performed in schools and community groups.

How do you feel WVU and the College of Creative Arts prepared you for your career?

While I came to WVU to study Acting, I had many opportunities to crossover into musical theatre, and directing. I left the school with three years of real teaching experience across four different courses. All of the skills that I was able to explore at WVU have aided me in becoming a more well-rounded theatre practitioner, and because of that creative ability, I have been able to continue to work as an artist.