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WVU professor to be inducted into International Academy of Ceramics

Shoji Satake

Shoji Satake, area coordinator and associate professor of ceramics in the School of Art and Design at West Virginia University, has been selected for induction to the International Academy of Ceramics.

IAC stimulates communication and networking between professionals in the field of ceramics to encourage international cooperation in promoting and maintaining the highest level of quality production in the industry.

Candidates for induction must be nominated by at least three current IAC candidates and consideration is given to those that work in academia, cultural environments and those who have contributed to the field through international advocacy, mentoring and teaching, participation in competitions and research activity.

“To be nominated and elected to the academy and share in dialogue with some of the most respected artists, designers, teachers, authors, collectors and curators, in the ceramics field is very humbling,” Satake said. “IAC is the international standard bearer of promoting ceramic culture and education and the global connection to ceramic artists and enthusiasts.”

Born in Japan and raised in Alaska, Satake’s research interests are intertwined with the Asisan Ceramics of Japan and China. He has spent the last 15 years studying Jingdezhen, China, known as the Imperial Porcelain Capital. Satake leads his students in studying the city during summer and fall semesters, using the trips as an outlet for their self-discovery.

“For students to maximize their learning experience, I place great importance on being able to offer them a broad-base of information to draw from,” Satake said. “Whether it is technical or conceptual, sculptural, or functional, I work for the development of a course of study for my students that promote the competence of idea development and the technical means to accomplish it.” 

Satake hopes his induction will expand his ability to offer WVU students an internationally sound curriculum.

“The international networking and professional development available through IAC is far reaching and it will play a great role in my professional practice and teaching,” Satake said. “I believe that WVU and our students will gain greater access to a global education as the IAC will act as a conduit and a gateway to greater opportunities.” 

Satake will be officially inducted in 2018 at IAC’s Congress of the General Assembly in Taiwan.